Latest News, & Upcoming Articles About To Be Published

The past few months have been quite busy as I ghost write part-time, continue the FTE job search, combined with a power surge Thanksgiving weekend 2017 resulting in the loss of my Linux fileserver, one of my battery backed power supplies, and my Apple Time Capsule.

The the poorly timed power failure also corrupted the HDD of my mid-2010 21.5″ iMac during an OS X update.  Consequently there’s an upcoming photo captioned, blog-adventure about replacing the damaged HDD with a random drive recovered from a friend’s Dell desktop last year (still formatted with Windows 7).  What an enjoyable experience watching Windows Recovery try to correct a HDD installed in an iMac without the benefit of Bootcamp, or Parallels running first on OS X.

It’s still Winter, and I really love to make my own soups and stews.  So, there’s also an upcoming ebook I will be publishing with my recipes for Beef Stew, Chicken Soup (noodle & rice versions), and my specialty – “Lambeef” Stew. 😀

My novel writing has slowed considerably, to just a few hours a week, due to the busyness faced with restoring computer systems, recovering data, and a current ghost writing project that’s soon to be concluding in the next three weeks or so.

Finally though, the 3D graphics for my first children’s book (now very long in development) resumes slowly, yet steadily, as the 2D sketches become fleshed out into 3D objects!

And one last mention.  Since Christmas Eve 2017 I’ve been studying a local cryptocurrency company.  So please look forward to the upcoming article based on my analysis, that is the analysis of an experienced techie investigating a local Arizona company involved in the cryptocurrency market.


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