Time to get going on this blog, again!

During times of reinvention I find myself writing, quite a lot.

Just over five to six years ago I was in a similar place in my life on the other side of the country, as I’ve found myself these past several months.  My current professional state of being also echoes a reflection of my life nearly fourteen years ago, just after the IBM GS at American Express layoff that was publicly dubbed “Pueblo”.

Consequently I’ve been watching much less television as I grow older and I’m reading a great deal more.  Additionally I’m writing a lot these days to help me process my half-century of life experiences.

Some of my writing is for me alone, and I won’t be sharing it; but many other pieces I will share here, and possibly elsewhere.

Some of the posts I will be sharing are old pieces I’ve recently rediscovered, and have dusted off for this venue; and some of these posts are fresh perspectives.  In any case, thank you for your time and interest.

Please Enjoy!