Every Six Months Or So

Adapted from an old college paper circa late 1980s: “About Every Six Months Or So” Chad Schloss About every six…

The Choice: In An Age Of Uncertainty And Divisiveness – A 21st Century Call For Unity

If the U.S. 2016 presidential election cycle, and the recent media storm regarding racism in Charlottesville and elsewhere have taught us anything as a nation, it’s this. We as Americans no longer see ourselves as humans first; but rather we see ourselves as hyphenated Americans with social group labels such as Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, Republican, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous/Native, White, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc.

The clear downside to this incessant categorization is that it accentuates our differences instead of reminding us of our common human heritage, our common needs to live, and the common good from which we could all benefit.

Time to get going on this blog, again!

During times of reinvention I find myself writing, quite a lot.

Just over five to six years ago I was in a similar place in my life on the other side of the country, as I’ve found myself these past several months.  My current professional state of being also echoes a reflection of my life nearly fourteen years ago, just after the IBM GS at American Express layoff that was publicly dubbed “Pueblo”.

Consequently I’ve been watching much less television as I grow older and I’m reading a great deal more.  Additionally I’m writing a lot these days to help me process my half-century of life experiences.

Some of my writing is for me alone, and I won’t be sharing it; but many other pieces I will share here, and possibly elsewhere.

Some of the posts I will be sharing are old pieces I’ve recently rediscovered, and have dusted off for this venue; and some of these posts are fresh perspectives.  In any case, thank you for your time and interest.

Please Enjoy!

Hello World!

Welcome to my second blog. You may venture into some archival writing, if you’re interested in my previous blog. I’m…